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The Inquiry website is being reconstructed. The site is large and copying all files will take time. Please bear with me as I work my way through the thousands of files and once again make all the information available.? All links, pages, documents and media coverage will eventually be restored. My plan now is to try to start at the beginning to allow those unfamiliar with the very complex Cornwall sex abuse sndal to pick up the the threads. ?

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17 April 2015: ? 01 May 1997:? Solicitor General Runciman washed his hands

23 June 1997? Attorney General Harnick passed the buck

21 December 1999:? Murray MacDonald won’t prosecute Perry’s ses

07 April 2015:? Perry Dunlop documents posted: 02 November 2004:?? OPP Commander Frank Ryder response to 25 October 2004 letter of Yvonne Pink ; 25 October 2004:? Dunlop lawyer Yvonne Pink to OPP Chief Superintendent Frank Ryder (regarding unannounced arrival of OPP officers at Dunlop home in BC early in morning before children had left for school)

18 March 2015:? 22 November 2007: Cornwall crusade irked ex-premier Garry Guzzo tells sex abuse inquiry of ‘war of words’ at Queen’s Park

13 March 2015: 30 November 2007: “Former Premier Harris’ actions questioned by inquiry witness” & related article? Ned Hanson page added and linked to “The Sndal” page? July 2008:? Church of St. Simon the Apostle (Toronto) newsletter – info re Ned Hanson charges and conviction? Information re Ned Hanson as chorister at Ottawa’s Anglin Christ Church thedral (Godfrey Hewitt Bio)? 12 December 1973:? Gentlemen and Boys of St. Simon’s Church under leadership of Organist and Choirmaster Edgar Hanson sings at Empire Club Christmas Dinner 1973? 16 January 2008: Guzzo wants to put former premier on stand: Former judge, MPP tells Project Truth inquiry to summon Mike Harris? 11 March 2015: 21 November 2007: “Some Provided Names Do Not Match Documents At Inquiry” & “Names don’t match up; Documents don’t match Guzzo suggestions…” 15 November 2007:? “Inquiry will send items to forensic experts to find out the names of those he blacked out; ‘I’m not certain when I did that'” & “Names in Guzzo files coded for anonymity” 14 November 2007: “Confidentiality battle pits Guzzo against inquiry” & “Document Expert To Review Inquiry Witness Papers” 14 November 2007: “Guzzo Sent Back To Cottage” & related article 14 January 2000: Garry Guzzo letter to newly appointed Attorney General Jim Flaherty 03 April 1999: Garry Guzzo letter to Premier Mike Harris’ Chief of Staff, Ron McLaughlin 23 February 1999: Garry Guzzo Letter to Premier Michael Harris

10 March 2015:? A number of articles added and pages started over the past days: Garry Guzzo page started? 18 September 1998: Garry Guzzo letter to Ontario Premier Michael Harris? 16 January 2008: Guzzo Transcript 16 January 2008? 15 January 2008:? Guzzo Transcript 15 January 2008 30 November 2007: Guzzo Transcript 30 November 2007

22 November 2007:? Guzzo Transcript 22 November 2007? 21 November 2007:? Guzzo Transcript 21 November 2007? 15 November 2007:? Guzzo Transcript 15 January 2008 14 November 2007:? Guzzo Transcript 14 November 2007? 13 November 2007:? Guzzo Transcript 13 November 2007? 07 April 1997:? Perry Dunlop letter to Solicitor General Robert Runciman?? Julian Fantino page started? Commissioner Julian Fantino Testifies at the Cornwall Public Inquiry

15 February 2015:? Besmirching the dead

13 February 2015:? Doyle-Mouton-Peterson Report Father Francis G. Morrisey omi Curriculum Vitae 28 August 2007:? Father Frank Morrissey omi CPI transcript 29 August 2007:? Father Frank Morrissey omi CPI inquiry transcript? 01 December 2005:? Report of the Rev. Francis G. Morrisey omi in response to questions relating to financial management in the Roman tholic Church(prepared for then Bishop of Alexandria-Cornwall, Paul Andre Durocher and entered into evidence at Cornwall Public Inquiry) 2005:? “Confidentiality Archives and Records Management,” (Father Frank G. Morrosey omi, tholic Archives 2006 2001:? “Addressing the Issue of Clergy Abuse” (Father Frank G Morrisey omi, Studia noni 35 2001) 1992:?? “Addressing the Issue of Clergy Abuse” (Father Frank G. Morrisey omi, Studia nonica 35 1992) 1992:?? “The Pastoral and Juridil Dimensions of Dismissal From the Cleril State and of Other Penalties for Acts of Sexual Misconduct” (Father Frank G Morrisey omi, non Law Society of Ameri, Proceedings of Thirty-Third Annual Convention, San Antonipo Texas, October 14-17, 1991)

12 February 2015: The St. Thomas More Lawyer’s Guild of Ottawa Red Flag Committee information added to Justice Normand Glaude page plus files listed below First Red Flags? Points to Ponder Dunlop Statement MPP Brownell stay out of it handout A few facts (Office of the Attorney General Conflicts) The Advotes Society AG Crown conflict handout Why is Justice Glaude’s affiliation with an Ontario police/OPP agency a Red Flag? 15 May 2005:? James Bateman letter to Ontario AG Michael Brant re Glaude appointment as Commissioner? 30 September 2005:? Red Flag Committee asks Justice Normand Glaude to recuse himself Father Frank Morrissey omi page added St. Thomas More Lawyer’s Guild in Ottawa. 20 January 2001:? The Right to Know is the Bedrock of Democracy (the post which triggered Justice Colin McKinnon to cite Dick with contempt of court) 2007:? Besmirching the Dead: Father Doyle attempts to salvage his own ‘honour’ by besmirching that of Dick Nadeau

05 February 2015:? More related to Jacques Leduc trail: 20 February 2001:? Justice Colin McKinnon acknowledges prior involvement with Perry Dunlop 04 May 1994:? Colin McKinnon to Staff Sgt. Brendan Wells re Police Services Act charges against Const. Perry Dunlop? 21 February 1994:? Staff Sgt. B.F. Wells to David Silmser 09 February 1994:? CPS? Public Complaint – Investigative Steps Taken in Silmser compliant against Cst. Heidi Sebalj shows Colin McKinnon approached by CPS on this date (it was McKinnon who shortly thereafter drafted documents to have Perry Dunlop be charged under Police Services Act) 21 January 1994:? Staff Sgt. B.F. Wells re David Silmser compliant against Cst. Heidi Sebalj 11 January 1994:? Silmser’s lawyer Bryce Geoffrey to CPS Chief rl Johnston and Cst. Heidi Sebalj ?re legal action regarding release of David Silmser’s victim statement

29 January 2015:? Appendix B:? Justice James Chadwick (Appendix B to CJC complaint) Backgrounder (Appendix C to CJC complaint)? 17 July 2001:? CJC Responds:? nadian Judicial Council Response (to allegations of judicial misconduct at Leduc trial) 28 January 2015: more files added, most related to the Jacques Leduc sex abuse trials but also one to non lawyers and bishops.?? 09 April 2001:? Complaint to nadian Judicial Council re judges at Leduc trial (Cover letter)? Appendix A:? Justice Colin McKinnon (Appendix A to CJC complaint)? 19 January 2001:? Web site posting ‘damaged’ jury trial ; Court spectator scolded for forcing switch to judge alone? 02 March 2001:? “Judge made right decision” with commentary by Dick Nadeau? 21 September 2006:? One Year Into Cornwall Inquiry Stonewall-Cover-Up Goes Higher (Re connections. Inquiry costs & Father Frank Morrissey and the now Father Jeff King advice to bishops in mid to late ’80s)

27 January 2015:? series of documents posted related to Justice Platana, Perry Dunlop and the “second” sex abuse trial of Jacques Leduc: 20 October 2004:? Judge throws out Cornwall sex se 06 October 2004:? Leduc describes impact of sex abuse charges10 November 2004:??R V. Leduc, 2004 (Reasons for Decision – Justice T. Platana grants Jacques Leduc a stay)? Justice Platana granted Leduc a stay stating in essence that Leduc’s Charter rights to a speedy trial had been violated.? In his closing para Justice Platana states:? “I am of the view that the protection of the defendant’s rights under s. 11(b) of the Charter and society’s interest in enforcement of those rights must predominate over the public interest in having the prosecution continue.”? Earlier in his decision he quotes? Justice Chilcott, in part as follows: ? ” In the final analysis the judge, before staying charges, must be satisfied that the interest of the accused and society in a prompt trial outweighs the interest of society in bringing the accused to trial.”? (Justice Chilcott granted Father Charles Mac Donald a stay on the on the same grounds) 04 November 2004:?? OPP Chief Superintendent Frank Ryder response to Yvonne Pink 25 October 2004:?? Dunlop layer Yvonne Pink to OPP Chief Superintendent Frank Ryder (re two OPP officers showing up unannounced at Dunlop home in Dunn, BC at 10 am 13 September 2004) 29 September 2004:? Perry Dunlop disclosure of documents on order of Justice Terence? Platana?(all of these were duplites of boxes of documents Perry had previously disclosed to police? ) 29 September 2004:? Perry sworn statement for Justice Platana (in response to Justice Platana’s Order of Production during the “second” and final sexual abuse trial of Jacques Leduc ) 18 August 2004:? Perry Dunlop note to Justice Terence Platana? (hand-written after Perry realized he had been brought to Cornwall to testify at the second Leduc trial under false pretenses.? Part of letter is unfortunately missing.? I will try to find the original)

Those unfamiliar with the Cornwall sex abuse sndal and the Cornwall Public Inquiry please read:

(1)??About this Site

(2)??The Unpurged Evil in the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall

(3) ?Perry Dunlop’s “Story”?(i.e.,his Will State”)

The Sndal”?page, once filled with information and up and running again, also gives a good idea of the magnitude of the Cornwall sex abuse sndal.

Further info

(1)??Anatomy of a Cover-up?(A detailed chronology of the early years of Cornwall sndal, chiefly as it erupted in the media. )

(2)??For the Record

? (Accounting of the outcome of sex abuse charges laid through the OPP Project Truth probe and other charges in which the accused had connections of some fashion to those charged under the PT probe)

(3)? No Closure in Cornwall

is an article which appeared in the?Western-based?Report?magazine (now Western Standard) and?drew the ire of Justice Colin McKinnon during the first sex abuse trial of lawyer and Church non lawyer Jacques Leduc.? Despite the fact that McKinnon claimed to know nothing of Perry Dunlop he was furious?that this article was, as he said, ?“adulatory” of the former Cornwall policeman.

Rulings,?decisions and Signifint Dates at the Cornwall Public Inquiry


(this is the list as it existed on the original website.? Further dates had yet to be added)??

(1)? On Friday 30 June 2006 Justice Normand Glaude essentially ruled in favour of motions by the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall, Citizens for Community Renewal, the Victims Groupand Father Charles MacDonald for increased funding to retain additional staff to cope with the massive disclosure of documents.? He also ruled in favour of a motion by the Men’s Project to interchange a lawyer position with that of a researcher.

(2) On Friday 30 June 2006 Justice Glaude issued his reasons for granting the Upper nada Distric School Boards request for funding.

(3) Tuesday 27 June 2006 Justice Normand Glaude ruled that the Cornwall Police Service must disclose all documents which it claimed were covered by solicitor/client privilege.? Those documents must be produced by 19 July 2006.? The ruling also applies to the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall which supported the CPS service motion regarding privileged documents.

(4) On Tuesday 27 June 2006 the Upper nada District School Board applied for and was immediately granted standing at the Inquiry.?

(5) On Tuesday 06 June 2006 Justice Glaude ruled in favour of Father Charles MacDonald’s? motion for funding to finance his judicial review scheduled for Thursday 13 July ’06.? Glaude simultaneously granted joint funding to three parties (Men’s Project, Citizens for Community Renewal & Victim’s Group) to argue against Cipriano.)

(6) On Monday 29 May 2006 Justice Glaude ruled in favour of the diocese of Alexandria-Cornwalls motion to redact or remove certain Victims Group affidavits from the cornwall. website.? The motion was argued by David W Scott.? Glaude also issued a publition ban.? The ban was supported by all parties with standing.

(On Tuesday 06 June 2006 ruled against a similar motion argued by Mr. Cipriano on behalf of Father Charles MacDonald. )

(7) On Wednesday 17 May 2006 David Sheriff-Scott informed the commission that the diocese will NOT appeal Justice Normand Glaude’s 01 May 2006 ruling that the diocese is a “public institution.”

(6) On Monday 01 May 2006 Justice Glaude ruled that the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall is a public institution.

(8) In August 2006 Justice Glaude posted Ken MacLellan’s?26 July 2006 Applition for Standing on the Cornwall Public Inquiry website.? Mr. MacLellan had stated that if his Applition was so posted he would not pursue his request for standing.

(9) On 14 August 2006 the? Ontario Divisional Court?in Toronto heard and declined Giuseppe Cipriano’s request ?on behalf of Father Charles MacDonald for a judicial review of?Justice Normand Glaude’s ruling that the victims n testify, albeit in a limited fashion.? The inquiry will therefore choose certain victims who will testify, albeit in a limited fashion.

(10) On 23rd and 24 th August 2006 Justice Glaude heard arguments which have arisen regarding redaction of documents and the manner in which documents are disclosed to parties with standing at the Cornwall Public Inquiry.

(11) On 05 September 2006 it was learned that Justice Normand Glaude had been hospitalised with an undisclosed ailment. Father John Loftus’ scheduled “expert” testimony was ncelled and will be rescheduled later in the Fall.

(12) On 05 September 2006 Ontario Divisional Court released it reasons for dismissing Father Charles MacDonald’s request for a judicial review of Justice Glaude’s ruling that victims n testify at the Cornwall inquiry, albeit in a limited fashion.

(13) On 15 September 2006 the commission quietly ncelled the only day of hearings still scheduled for September (19th).? It also?released “Commonly Asked Questions About Phase 2 of the Cornwall Public Inquiry.”? There were n hearings for the entire month.

(14) On 21 September 2006 the Ontario Divisional Court?ruled in favour of the Cornwall Police Service in its appeal of Justice Normand Glaude’s 27 June 2006 ruling regarding disclosure of documents at the Cornwall Public Inquiry.

(15) On 03 October 2006 the tholic School Board of Eastern Ontario requested and was instantly granted standing at the Cornwall Public Inquiry.

(16) On 03 and 04 October 2006 various parties with standing started what I ll the ‘Bring Perry Dunlop Back’ movement.

(17) Testimony of real and “alleged” victims commenced 04 October 2006.

(18) On 05 October 2006 Bishop Paul Andre Durocher issued a dramatic public apology via his lawyer in the Weave Shed to the mother of Benoit Brisson, a sexual abuse victim of Father Gilles Deslaurier.

(19) On 24 October 2006Justice Normand Glaude issued his reasons for granting standing to the tholic School Board of Eastern Ontario

(20) On 25 October 2006 was ordered to immediately remove?Andre Lavoie’s Victim Impact Statement from the site.

(21) On 30 October 2006 it was announced that the commission had received a Notice of Abandonment from counsel for Father Charles MacDonald, meaning?Father MacDonald is no longer seeking a judicial review of Justice Glaude’s ruling re victims and alleged victims testifying.

(22) On 31 October Justice G. Normand Glaude stated this inquiry “is expected to dispel rumours and innuendos and ascertain allegations of cover-up and conspiracy theories.”? This comes after past insistence that the inquiry has nothing to?do with Project Truth and Justice Glaude’s decision months ago that the “rumour” and “innuendo” swirling around Cornwall upon his arrival are false.

(23) On Thursday 09 November 2006 Albert Roy, victim of probation officers Ken Seguin and Nelson Barque, was shipped off to find a lawyer to advise him of his rights. This after Roy declined under cross-examination to answer questions posed by John llaghan, lawyer for Cornwall Police Service, regarding conversations Roy had with fellow victims in the late 90s and about a meeting in the same time frame with his lawyer John Morris who was also representing Perry Dunlop at the time.

(24) On Thursday 16 November 2006 Justice Glaude issued his ruling on confidentiality. The following day Peter Chisholm (S) requested a stay of the ruling pending a possible request for a judicial review.? Chisholm argues that?publishing several S documents violates a the Child and Family Services Act.? A temporary stay was granted.

(25)? At one point Justice Glaude planned to make up for lost time by scheduling additional hearings in December, specifilly the week of 11 December plus the days of 18, 19 and 20 December.?? In addition as of 01 September lunch breaks were to be shortened and the daily hours of hearings were to be extended.? However making up for lost time went?by the bye long ago.? There were NO hearings in September.? Three witnesses were scheduled for the week of 07 November 2006 and the week ended with the testimony of the first witness unfinished.? Hearings om 14 November were ncelled due to weather problems.? The witnesses scheduled for the week of 14 November?were not finished at week’s end. There are NO hearings the week of 20 November 2006.? And another judicial review and motion fo a publition ban of some sort are in the offing.

(26) On Friday 17 November?2006 Justice Glaude dismissed Father Charles MacDonald’s motion for a publition ban on his name.

(27) On Thursday 23 November 2006Ontario Divisional Court granted a stay on publition of documents the S.D.&G Children’s Aid Society considers confidential pending a judicial review in January 2007.

(28) On Monday 27 November??2006 the?Diocese?(Bishop Paul-Andr Durocher) filed a motion for a publition ban on the name of the name of a priest who allegedly sexually abused Claude Marleau.? Marleau was scheduled to take the stand the following day. Justice Glaude dismissed the motion.? The Diocese filed to stay the motion and request a judicial review of the decision from Ontario Divisional Court.? A temporary stay on publition was granted by Justice Glaude.? Divisional Court was to hear the applition for stay and possibly also the applition for judicial review 30 November?2006.

(29) On Thursday 30 November?2006 Justice Denis Power, a judge with the Ontario Divisional Court, was obliged to recuse himself from the above referenced hearing for stay due to a conflict of interest. Power previously represented Jacques Leduc in a Cornwall-related civil action. The hearing was re-scheduled for 07 December 2006.

(30) Testimony of Claude Marleau which was scheduled for Tuesday 28 & Wednesday 29 November 2006 ran late into the afternoons and through until Friday 01 December?2006. (Friday was previously scheduled as a day off.? Thursday 30 November had been?scheduled for Albert & Vicki Roy.)

(31) A second Divisional Court?judge (Belanger) scheduled Thursday 07 December 2006 to hear the Diocesan applition for stay and publition ban re Claude Marleau’s testimony?recused himself when it was learned that the judge had previously been involved in Father Charles MacDonald’s pre-trial.? The hearing proceeded Thursday 07 December?2006?with Justice Robert Maranger on the bench. Two mainstream media outlets, CBC and the Ottawa Citizen, argued against the diocesan motion. ?

(32) On 12 December 2006 Justice Normand Glaude turned sex abuse victim Steve Parisien over to the “proper authorities” after getting another sex abuse victim Albert Roy to testify about a telephone conversation he had with Steve Parisien.? Although he was in the Weave Shed and anxious to take the stand Parisien was not allowed to take the stand to give his account of the conversation.? Glaude simply washed his hands of the mess he created.

(33) Giuseppe Cipriano filed a motion to ban publition on some of John MacDonald’s testimony regarding Father Charles MacDonald.? Justice Glaude denied the motion.? Ciprianno said he would appeal to Ontario Divisional Court.? An interim ban was imposed until 14th of December. The ban was lifted when the appeal to Ontario Divisional Court had not been launched.? Cipriano indited he still intended to appeal to Divisional Court.

(34)? On 20 December 2006 I was threatened with legal action by inquiry lawyer Simon Ruel if I did not redact or remove a document which has been in the public domain and posted on the Cornwall Public Inquiry website for months.

(35) On 16 January 2007 the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall/ Bishop Paul Andre Durocher lost an?appeal to the Ontario Court of Appeal for a publition ban on the name of Father Rene Dube who allegedly sexually abused Claude Marleau.?The diocese did not appeal the ruling.

(36) On 18 January 2007 Steve Parisien was charged with obstruction of justice.? Court appearance scheduled for Monday 19 February 2007.

(37)? On 20 January 2007John MacDonald attempted to file a charge of obstruction of justice with the Cornwall Police Service against Justices Robert Pelletier,Peter Griffiths and Cornwall Crown attorney Murray MacDonald.

(38) In late January 2007 the Ontario Divisional Court heard arguments from the S D & G Children’s Aid Society regarding documents which it believes are confidential and protected under Section 75 (6) of the Child and Family Services Act which pertains to confidentiality of the S Child Abuse Register.? The ruling has not been released.

(39)? On 29 January 2007 David Silmser took the stand.

(40) 01 February 2007: David Silmser took?a break during cross-examination.? Does not return that day.

(41) 06 February 2007: David Silmser returns.? Does not take the stand the following day.? A medil opinion indites that he is unable to resume cross-examination.(42)February 2007 Complaints about treatment of victims surface

(43) 17 April 2007:??Videotape of Silmser OPP interview was played as part of the cross-examination of David Silmser in absentia process. This is the video which Silmser had specifilly asked not be played.

(44) 19 March 2007:? David Silmser hand-delivers a Letter to Justice Normand Glaude

(45) Early March 2007: Victims Group Affidavits removed from?Cornwall Public Inquiry after serious errors discovered

(46) 24 April 2007:? Roman tholic priest Father Romeo Major died

(47) 26 April 2007: ODEs introduced?– a novel approach to getting victim testimony deemed essential on the record when witnesses?don’t want to or are unavailable to take the stand.

(48) 26 April 2007: Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) sought and recieved temporary interventionf from Justice Normand Glaude to give legal grounds which would allow the OPP NOT to comply with a Freedom of Information (Access to Information) request for documents.? The documents in questions are apparently Correctional Services documents which the OPP was subpoened?to disclose to the commission.

(49)30 April 2007:? Steve Parisien appeared in Cornwall court – his third court appearance since being frisked and hand-cuffed in broad daylight and charged?with obstruction of justice.?? Beuse of problems with his first two lawyers he has now retained his third lawyer.? All this for a matter which was initiated by commission counsel and Justice Glaude in?the Weave Shed and could well?have?been dealt with?where it began – without added and signifint cost, stress and humiliation to a victim of sexual abuse?.

(50) Late April early May:? Plagued by?ncellations.

(51)? 19 to 25 June 2007: Gerald Renshaw testifies

(52) 22 June 2007:? Office of the Attorney General intervenes to defend Cornwall Crown Attorney Murray MacDonald

(53) 26 June 2007: Ron Leroux takes the stand.

(54) 29 June 2007:?Ron Leroux’ cross-examination commenced and continued with viewing of one videotaped interview. Summer recess. Hearings resume 13 August 2007

(55) 13 – 14 August 2007:? Viewing of more Ron Leroux videtotaped interviews and public broadst of one audio taped telephone ll beteeen Leroux and former Constable Perry Dunlop.

(56) 15 August 2007: motion to have Ron Leroux excused from resuming cross-examination .

(57)19/20 August: Paedophile alert!? Sex abuse allegations against Father Gaetan Deschamps

(58) 20 August 2007: Keith Ouellette takes the stand

(59) 22 August 2007:? C-8 starts testimony in mera, Rents sex abuse allegatiosn against Father Charles MacDonald and testified?he was sexually abused by Ron Leroux.

(60) 23 August 2007:? Delay. Justice Glaude was to?rule on the motion to have?Ron Leroux excused from further cross-examination.? Ron Leroux’ did not see the comission-suggested psychologist.? Matter to postponed until Thursday 30 August 2007 after he has seen his lwayer’s pschologist of choice.? At that time Ron’s lawyer will apply on his behalf for offil standing at the Cornwall Public Inquiry.

(61) 03 & 04 September 2007: Steve Parisien obstruction of justice trial.? Verdict reserved to 21 September 2007.? After hearing complaints from the witness stand regarding the inquiry Justice Fontana requested the inquiry terms of reference.

(62) 10 September 2007:? Ron Leroux excused – he will not resume cross-examination.? He was also denied standing and funding.

(63)? 14 September 2007: News that Father Lucien Lussier was charged.

(64)? 17 September 2007: Perry Dunlop refuses to testify.? Says he has been lied to and forced to come against his will.? Says this has been a cover-up since 1993 and the cover-up continues to this day.

(65)? 18 September 2007: Helen Dunlop takes the stand – continues her testimony through to and including 20 September 2007.?Cross-examination next to nil.

(66) 21 September 2007: Perry Dunlop says he would like to consult a “damn good” lawyer.? Ordered to return from British Columbia 09 October 2007.

(67) 21 September 2007: Charges against Steve Parisien are dismissed by Justice Fontana.

(68) 09 October 2007:? Perry Dunlop takes the stand.? Wants to read his Will State (Perry’s “Story”) beuse “Whatever I might rell now would pale in comparison to my will-state. Any shortcomings, memory lapses or differences would be exploited by those parties implited in the horrific sexual abuse of victims and by the institutions which failed those same victims so tragilly.” Justice Glaude says no.? Wants Ontario Divisional Court to charge him with obstruction of justice.

(69) 10-12 October 2007:? rson Chisholm, Helen Dunlop’s brother, testifies.? He is pilloried, but more than holds his own.

(70) 24,25, 26 and 29 October: Charles Bourgeois, Perry Dunlop’s former lawyer, testifies and is made to look an incompetent fool.? Perry Dunlop did not want to waive his solicitor-client privilege.? Justice Glaude rules Perry had already violated it in part when he was subpoenaed under false pretences at the Leduc “trial” #2.

(71) 15 & 16 November 2007: Cornwall lawyer Sean Adams testifies.? Adams was one of three lawyers involved in the illegal pay-off.? He was never charged. David Silmser does not want to waive his solicitor-client privilege.? Commission counsel and Justice Glaude decide he had waived it when he testified at the inquiry and other court-related ocsions.

(72) 19 November 2007: Perry Dunlop charged with contempt of court by Ontario Divisional Court justices Hoilett, Ferrier & Swinton.

(73) 20 November 2007: Forensic expert reports discrepancies in Garry Guzzo notes and redactions.